HVAC Validation Services

Validate your processes with our comprehensive Validation Services. Our experienced team ensures compliance and reliability through thorough testing and documentation. We offer validation services for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and healthcare. With our expertise, you can have confidence in the performance of your systems and adherence to regulatory requirements. We provide customized validation protocols and reports tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to validate your critical processes and ensure operational excellence. Contact us today to discuss your validation requirements and benefit from our reliable and efficient services.

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HVAC Validation Services

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Cleanroom Validation/HVAC Validation is performed for a variety of reasons. To ensure that the design of the facility is fit for its intended purpose; to ensure that the facility, equipment, and environment meets to ensure that the facility, equipment, and Environment meet defined regulatory requirements; to ensure that the facility, equipment, and its environment function together as a system to meet defined standards. Sajayani international limited performs the HVAC validations as per ISO 14644- 1, 2,3, EU GMP/EC GMP, WHO-TRS-937, WHO-TRS-961, Schedule M (National Regulatory Body) guidelines for all room classifications

Air flow Test & ACPH Calculations

We conduct Air Velocity Measurement to determine the average filter face velocity and uniformity, and the average room airflow velocity and uniformity within a clean room. These test can be conduct by using anemometer or Capture wood.

Installed Filter System Leakage Test (using PAO)

We conduct complete HEPA/ULPA filter integrity testing services. These are offered for both the Pharmaceutical, Food, biotech and other Microelectronics industries. All filter integrity tests performed as per ISO 14644.

Non-Viable Particle Count Test

We are UMED a reputed name in offering clean room validation services. Our Particle Count Test provides complete airborne particle count cleanliness classification. The test identifies particle count on basis of As-Built, At-Rest, or Operational as per ISO 14644 , EU GMP.

Recovery Test

We execute recovery tests for clients across Industries. These tests demonstrate the ability of the clean room to remove particulate by purging the area with filtered air. It also testifies if the room can change from a “dirty” to “clean” state within the specified time. We ensure that client’s clean room facility is performing properly and accurately.

Air Flow Pattern Test (Using Water Fogger)

We offer Airflow Visualization Test as a part of the validation process. Visualization is carried out by using water fogger and taking Video Graph. The purpose of the airflow visualization test is to show the actual airflow pattern throughout the unidirectional clean room.

Containment Test

We conduct Containment Tests for client’s clean room facility. The test is carried to demonstrate that airborne contamination does not enter from a higher pressure area adjacent to the clean room by means of leaks in the construction materials.

Temperature & RH Measurement

We conduct validation tests that include Temperature and Humidity Measurements for Production, Warehouse, to ensure that the clean room’s HVAC system maintains the specified levels of temperature and humidity required for occupant comfort. The second level or the comprehensive level test identified that the clean room HVAC systems needs to maintain the specified levels of temperature and humidity required for both occupant comfort and process temperature control.

Light Intensity Measurement

The purpose of the lighting level tests is to verify that the installed light levels and uniformity meet the specified requirements. We make use of modern testing instruments for assessment of lighting lux levels and intensity.

Sound Level Measurement

We perform noise level test that measure the sound pressure. The measurements will vary based on the occupancy state-of-the-art clean room. The purpose may vary but the procedures of testing are identical.