Calibration, Temperature Mapping, HVAC Qualification & Validation Services and Compressed Air Validation services

SaJayani provides Calibration, Temperature Mapping, HVAC Qualifications & Validations service and Compressed Air Validation services to Pharma, biotech and associated industries regulated standards such as ISO-14644, ISO-8573, EU-GMP, WHO, USFDA, ISPE, GAMP-5.

Calibration Services

Ensure precision and accuracy with our Calibration Services. Our skilled technicians provide meticulous calibration to ensure your equipment meets industry standards. We offer a comprehensive range of calibration services for various instruments, ensuring reliable measurements and compliance. Trust us to deliver precise results, maintain equipment integrity, and support your quality assurance efforts. With our calibration services, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your instruments and the reliability of your processes. Contact us today to schedule your calibration and experience the benefits of our professional services.

SaJayani is an Independent Calibration Facility setup providing services for the following parameters at its state of the laboratories

Calibration Services

Our services

  • Pressure Gauge & Vacuum Gauge
  • Magnehelic Gauges
  • Compound Gauge
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure Switch
  • Temperature Controller/Indicator
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Temperature Sensor/RTD’s/Thermocouple
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Glass Thermometer
  • Hygrometer /Hydrometer
  • Lab oven
  • Muffle Furnace
  • pH Meter
  • TDS Meter
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Tablet Hardness Tester
  • Laboratory Glassware
  • Weighing Balance / Scale
  • Weight Box
  • Tachometer / RPM Meter
  • Timer/ Stop Watch
  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter
  • Frequency meter
  • Watt/Kilowatt Meter
  • Ohm / Milli / Micro-Ohm Meter
  • Multimeter
  • Clampmeter
  • H.V.T Tester
  • V.A.W. Meter
  • Megger / Insulation Tester
  • Outside & Inside Micrometer
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Height Gauge
  • Thread Ring / Plug Gauge/ Plain Plug Gauge/ Snap Gauge
  • Filler Gauge/ Radius Gauge
  • Measuring Scale /Tape
  • Plunger / Lever Dial Indicator/ Bore Dial Gauge
  • Torque Wrench